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Hi Experts,

I am planning to give the CISSP exam in September and looking for some guidance regarding which practice test to buy as it involves money. Some of the test series in market are

- CCCure
- Transcender Practice Exams
- CISSP Official (ISC)2 Practice Tests by Mike Chapple and David Seidl
- CISSP Practice Exams, Fourth Edition by Shon Harris and Jonathan Ham
- CISSP Practice Questions Exam Cram (4th Edition)

Any inputs on which one to refer.



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    GISP works best for me. Its the GIAC exam counterpart for CISSP. Their practice cost 129 USD and gets as close to the exam itself. I know 4 out of 5 who pass this practice test passed the actual exam. One TE user who got 70 marks for GISP, however did notpass CISSP. You can't re-acess the practice test after you have taken it.
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    Dear Ankit
    CCCURE has best record. However for further advise contact me
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    I have gone through:
    * Boson
    * CCCure
    * Eric Conrad
    * The Official ISC2 Practice Test Book
    * others here and there.

    As I went through the tests, I used the answer material and explanations to build a OneNote file for each of the sections I wanted to compile information for. Having the concise information in one place is nice. Additionally, I made flash cards for the hardest topics (TCSEC for example) that I had brain block on.

    Prepping to take the test next month. Honestly, the compilation of the study materials has been the most time consuming part. It helps to write things out rather than just do the old copy pasta thing.

    Good luck to all!!! I will write it up when I pass. :P
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    I guess I should add this in...

    The CCCure tests give you A LOT of flexibility in how you take the tests. Need help on encryption... no problem, create a quiz only on encryption... they offer different levels of difficulty which is nice too. Only want to take a test on the questions you have missed in the past? You can do that too. NO, I am not a shill for CCCure. (I promise).
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