CCNP:RS Switch and TShoot

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So I passed the CCNP ROUTE exam back in April of this year. I spent a good bit of time studying between then and now, but just had my daughter in January; so a lot of focus has been on the baby and family. In addition to this I have been going back to school while working full time. So time management gets a little tricky at times. Work has been having us do the ITIL intermediate exams 1 every other month. So from April till now I have finished Service Strategy, and Service Design, I just took a short 8 week summer semester with 4 classes, and have been studying Switch and TShoot as much as I could. My goal was to finish my CCNP before my birthday July 20.

So I schedule the Switch exam for Monday after work. Work ends I drive over to the exam center; and do better than I thought. 958/1000. Walking out of the test center I jokingly ask the proctor what their schedule is for how quickly another exam could be booked. I worked from home today, so It would be easy to go back and take TShoot. She says it would be within the 24 hour cancellation or postponement window, so if I signed up I would have to sit for it. I jokingly tell the proctor i will see her tomorrow morning. So Monday at 7pm I sign up to take Tshoot today at 9:15am. I show back up and I am there before the center opens. The proctor walks up and sees me sitting there and just starts laughing.

903 / 1000 not as good as I was hoping, but good enough to pass. Now officially CCNP:RS. Now time to meander over to the CCIE subforum.

2 exams in 2 days. Hoping to sit for the CCIE:RS written before this time next year (not rushing it with the baby and family vacations etc).

damn it feels good.


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    This is a perfect example showing that one should attempt TSHOOT as soon as possible after passing ROUTE and SWITCH.
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    Congrats, I plan to do the same!
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