Do i need a laptop for newly purchase homelab?

faintingheartfaintingheart Posts: 256Member
If so what kind of laptop should i get my budget is around 300.00 usd.
This is my homelab

Cisco CCNA CCNP V2 0 R s Voice Security Lab Kit 12U Rack Included | eBay

with this is my access control terminal

Cisco Access Terminal Server 2610 NM 32A CCNA CCNP CCIE Add on Lab Octal Cab | eBay

Please let know what you think, thanks!


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    Well will probably want a firewall, just a tad misleading that kit you got says "security" in title. ASA 5505 or 5510 seem to be the popular choice.
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    yes it is quite a bit misleading. you have pretty much the minimum for a ccna lab.

    For a ccna lab, at the minimum your going to need a computing device that can be used as a terminal emulator and a tftp server. That could be a laptop or pc or server, etc.

    for security, your computing device is going to need a web browser to run ccp and asdm. you'll need a compatible os for those programs. and, it would be nice if you could run a tacass or radius server also.

    for your equipment, I'd get something that has 2 ethernet ports, 10/100 at a minimum. one to connect to your access server and one to connect to your lab. Yes you could just just use one ethernet port and connect to your access server via a switch. But, if you happen to reload that switch or loose your connection to your access server, well you get to reestablish all your connections again once your connects are back. just easier to keep your access server out of band. and a wireless connection would be nice, so you can google for information when your lab is down.

    So, in general, your not needing anything that is all that special. A laptop is nice to have to take your training material with you. and you can study when the oppourtunity comes up. So, check the OS's that support ccp and asdm and get a device that runs that OS.

    not only don't you have everything for security, but your going to need more for voice too. to do voice it is recommended that 2800's have 512mb of ram. and your not getting a voice capable version 15 ios and cme files on a 64mb flash card. plus you need pdvms, fxo, fxs cards. and the switches don't do poe. So, you'll need some other way of providing power to your phones. That is when you get them.
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    Hey Guys Need Help Please.

    can anyone provides me a some details about the CCNA S+R exam format , i have read some threads mentioned that once you picked an answer you cant go back changing your answering. but what if you didnt pick any answer would i still be able to to go back picking the correct answer?. I am freaking out a little bit. any help is greatly appreciated .
  • clarsonclarson Posts: 897Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    once you answer a question, you can change your answer.
    Once you have proceed to the next question, you can not go back to the previous questions.
    So, manage your time. if you have 15 minutes left at the end of the exam, you can't go back and review your answers.
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