Keyboard problem...

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Guys, I don't know if you can help me out here...

I'm still in the process of learning how to touch-type. It has come on in leaps and bounds since I started using the Cisco CLI but...

Everytime I try to issue a "no shut" command, it comes out as "no ****". Oddly enough, the IOS doesn't recognise this.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


  • TheShadowTheShadow Posts: 1,057Member

    bad karma !

    crappy router?

    Some played with the program that you are using to talk to the router

    thought April 1st was tomorrow.
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    Maybe someone switched the U and the I key on your keyboard icon_twisted.gif

    Maybe a 'dirty' keyboard, and I don't mean dirty mind, but dirt under the U and I keys resulting in an I when you press U. I'd try a different keyboard first to rule that out.
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    in the mean time " no sh" will work just fine lol
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    Cmon folks this has to be a joke. lol
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