CCIE Routing and Switching Rant

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Due to the new changes Cisco has with their Routing & Switching and Security tracks, I'm hearing more and more negative feedback about these exams. Specifically, I am studying for the 210-260 CCNA Security to renew my Routing & Switching. Obviously I am nowhere near the expert level, but am interested to hear about recent experiences from anyone who has taken these new exams. If you read the latest blog entry at, Tom blasts Cisco for their new CCIE Routing and Switching Written exam, especially for those who need to re-certify.

As time goes on, are the people who are in charge of developing testing material even failing at the English language? I hate to exclude other languages, but I am also interested in grammar and spelling practices in other languages as well. I consider myself a grammar ****, and I do get frustrated with myself at times since I pay very close attention to details. That is not to say I never make mistakes myself, but I generally pay a large amount of attention to what I write.

So that is the end of the rant. I am mainly interested in hearing others' opinions. Thanks for your input!
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    To be honest apart from the grammar and spelling issues, to me (someone who has never taken any IE exams) the rest of his post just sounds like sour grapes, how many times have people been advised at the NA or NP level that no single book is going to cover all of the test content and that the blue print should be used as the guide, why shouldn’t this be applied at the IE level?

    Most of the stories that I’ve heard about people doing the RnS written people are saying that it’s full of trivial minute details so why not prepare for it? This is at the expert level, of course you’re going to be expected to know insane details.

    This is a Cisco exam, surely one should focus on Cisco’s way of doing things when preparing for Cisco tests?

    Where would the challenge and sense of achievement be if everyone and their doing was crushing these tests with ease?
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