INE Data Center v2 RACK/LAB - soon!

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So I was surfing INE's blog and noticed Brian posted today (7/14) topology diagrams and pictures of him installing the new lab racks for DC v2! I logged into the rack rentals and sure enough he postponed all v1 rack times as he took down the v1 lab and is currently working hard on the v2 racks. When trying to schedule v1 rack times it just says v2 coming soon.

So glad this is coming sooner than later. The diagrams look beastly! icon_cheers.gif

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    Oh no... that's not good at all icon_sad.gif

    If you look at the lab physical topology, that's ONE singular ACI pod split between all racks. They're basically dividing the ACI fabric into different tenants to save money so you're going to be limited to what you can do on this. I guess you can still lab some of it which is better than none but if they charge an arm and a leg for that, they're just ripping people off. They basically bought a $20K lab bundle and are splitting it between 4 pods.

    I don't see any mention of upgrading the fabric interconnects. They aren't even in the diagrams. If I recall correctly, they used to have gen 1 FIs and they couldn't be upgraded to the most recent version of code. The blog doesn't mention them upgrading those so... ummm... I guess you're labbing on the old version?

    My recommendation for folks doing this track:
    - Burn any tokens you have with INE for this rack rental but don't buy TONS at only this vendor. You can lab parts of it for sure but I know Fast Lane and some other vendors have the full racks too. If this ends up being cheaper than them, do sort of a 70/30 split between a vendor that gives you full access
    - If you have access to PEC/Salesconnect, do the ACI labs on there
    - If you're a partner, see if you can get the ACI simulator somehow
    - Download the UCS Emulator as well. UCSM is still a big part of the exam. Insane if INE doesn't put that on there... Seriously scratching my head right now...
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    I always thought they had 6200 series g2 FI's as even g2's have their years and G3 6324's are out now last I checked. I am having faith they upgrade what is needed.

    At this point this is better than nothing. I still have to get Jason's videos and lumos' videos to get up to speed on ACI tech.

    I have the following materials regarding newer tech such as ACI/Cloud/etc:
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    Operating Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco PDF)
    Troubleshooting Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco PDF)
    Policy Driven Data Center with ACI, The: Architecture, Concepts, and Methodology (Ciscopress Book)
    Designing Networks and Services for the Cloud: Delivering business-grade cloud applications and services (Ciscopress Book)
    Virtual Routing in the Cloud (Ciscopress Book)
    Cloud Computing: Automating the Virtualized Data Center (Ciscopress Book)

    I will check out that FastLane provider, I never heard of them B-FOe.
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    Hi Chris
    I dont seems to find above on Cisco Partner portal , would you please guide me
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