Practice Tests for ICND1/CCNA v2

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I have my ICND1 exam booked for first week of August. What would you guys recommend for practice tests? I am currently practicing using the CD that came with Odom's book, the Pearson VUE practice tests. I have also been doing labs in packet tracer from danscourses and laz's videos. Are pearson vue practice exams sufficient?

I have heard about Boson-EX sims, but it looks too costly. What would be a good recommendation for the practice tests? I want to see how ready I am and the areas that I need to focus on.

Thank you.


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    I've done the CCENT practice test here a few times, and failed a good few of them. I like the fact that while questions do get repeated sometimes between different tests, generally you find some different questions every time. There are no SIMs, just multiple-choice questions.

    And this is a great site for practicing subnetting, really helped me nail it (once you understand it).

    Only others I've used are the two from the Sybex/Todd Lammle deluxe study guide CD which are fixed questions so you can't keep re-taking the exam once you know the answers. I like how once you've picked an answer you can view if you got it right and see an explanation, but I don't like not getting grades for different sections of the exam like you seem to for the real exam so you can focus more on areas rather than just the specific questions you got wrong.

    I hope there are other free options out there that someone can post links to as I don't have the funds to pay for anything at the moment.
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    Just found these 9 tests (scroll down the page a little). Each one is only 10 questions and they're quite basic, but every little bit of practice helps.

    I scored 85, 85, 100, 96, 50, 90, 70, 97 and 90 respectively which is an average of 84.777, or most likely a FAIL! On the plus-side, one more question right and I'd have just scraped through so not too worried.
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    Found some more links.

    Internetwork Training - questions were different on my two attempts. Click on 'Free Trial Quiz'.
    GoCertify - Same 10 questions but answers get switched around so if you try again what was answer A might be answer D next time around.
    Certiology - Already linked to these 9 ten-question tests, scroll down the page for the links.
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    I have used the Pearson stuff that comes with the Odom books and found it extremely aggravating at times. Answer that I could swear were wrong because of the poor quality of the actual question. The Boson stuff is well worth the money. If you can scrape together the money get the Boson stuff. It is money well spent. When you are reliably passing Boson practice tests you should have no problem with the real deal. I also find it amusing that the Boson practice stuff feels closer to the real test at a Pearson test center than the Pearson stuff does.

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    Thank you GDaines! I found some links as well, these links are free and they might help out:

    CCENT Practice Certification Exam # 2 - ProProfs Quiz
    Online Cisco Training Materials | CCNA Practice Tests |

    But yes, I have also bought Boson practice exam. So let's see how that goes :)
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    Koolster wrote: »
    Thank you GDaines! I found some links as well, these links are free and they might help out:

    CCENT Practice Certification Exam # 2 - ProProfs Quiz
    Online Cisco Training Materials | CCNA Practice Tests |

    But yes, I have also bought Boson practice exam. So let's see how that goes :)

    I tried the ProProfs questions and effectively failed the first one, then found the sister exam and passed that. Both had a bunch of wireless-related questions at the end which I didn't think have anything to do with CCENT, but fortunately they were general IT knowledge so I got them right. There's a third exam with 67 questions on the OSI & TCP models, port numbers, 802 numbers, routing administrative distances, ping results and more. They're repetitive as every layer is covered, and all the common port numbers etc, but then that was good as these are some of my weakest areas remembering what number is what. All three list the questions for you to read (and ****) before you take the test with only the third exam mixing up the questions and answers into a different order than what was shown.

    CCENT Practice Certification Exam #1
    CCENT Practice Certification Exam #2
    CCENT Practice Certification Exam #3

    There are some mistakes in the wording/terminology used in the third exam which will result in confusion and probably some wrong answers (read my comment on the exam page first for a heads-up).
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