Taking the 200-065 exam, on July 27th

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I will be taking the CIVND exam in a short time. I think it shouldn't be too bad, since I watched all the CBT Nuggets videos, am in the process of finishing reading the Certification Guide, and practicing on the Boson practice exam.
Wish me luck.


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    Good luck mate!
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    Result = Epic Fail... No one said Cisco Exams are easy. If you don't know almost everything about Cisco TelePresence, this test will be hard. You could never prepare enough. At least now I know what to study, because this topic is bigger than what is presented in CBT Nuggets and the Cisco Press Book. Rescheduled for August 19th. Thank GOD my employer pays for the exam! Time to hit the books and practice tests. icon_cheers.gif
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    Failing at certification exams suck, but can never beat the feeling after a pass. Biggest benefit is having an idea of where you need to focus your studying. Best of luck on the next attempt, and can't wait to hear about the pass!
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    Don't know much about that exam but you have a good outlook. Good luck on the next attempt.
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    Unfortunately got 846 out of 860 to pass. This time I did a lot better than last time, but still a couple questions short of passing. As they say - "Third time's the charm"! Will do more studying, and retake next week. This time I should pass for sure! :D
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