mdhisapro's CCIE Journey

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I graduated from High-school in 2005; and I took Networking through 11th-12th grade as part of a magnet program. The curriculum aligned with ICND1 and ICND2 and the goal of that course was to prepare us to certify for the CCNA post graduation. I did not follow through with this right away, but always got excited about the idea of obtaining my CCIE in RS. I did not follow through with the CCNA right at the end of my schooling, and actually put it off a few years. I took my time and re-studied and reinforced the material to the point I was thoroughly comfortable and had already obtained a job where I was exposed to this type of work prior to taking the exam. I have always been reluctant to obtain and advertise passing any certification that I couldn't sit down in front of someone and explain thoroughly.

I don't want to luck my way through passing a test. I want to be confident in the material I am testing on, mostly for when it comes to a potential employer and an interview situation. That is the biggest thing that scares me about the CCIE. At what point will I feel like I am ready, and deserve to take the test. At what point, do I consider myself sound enough in the information I am able to absorb and test on. I just recently passed the CCNP RS this week; after soaking up a lot of the material and labbing for months. I want to keep pushing forward now while I still have the momentum and prepare myself for the CCIE.

I feel like if I take a break I will lose some of this drive. So my goal is to set aside 2 hours a day from now until the end of the year. and sit for the written exam in January at the latest. My employer has purchased the INE CCIE RS Ultimate Package for me, and I have went out and picked up a few of the books on their recommended reading list. I am taking my fiancé, and daughter to Disney World this week coming up. But once I get back it is right back to the books and pushing forward with this journey.

I would ideally like to be sitting for the Lab Exam in about 12 - 16 months but I will gauge how accurate of a goal that is over the next few months while preparing for the written. I am really looking forward to this. I want to thank everyone on this board who has shared positive experiences, negative experiences, learning experiences, and endured the process to get to their goal and share their passion with others on the board. I am just hoping I can wrap this journey up with a happy ending and add my story to the rest.

Thank you All.
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