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I am studying for the CEH and am doing the ePTS courses and am at the point I need to set up a lab. I have been using my own wlan, but some of the attacks could possibly bring the whole thing down so I'm going to set up a virtual environment.

I have VMware and will most likely have a mixture of win7, Ubuntu and possibly some metasploitable boxes.

Does anyone have some good documentation on setting up a lab sufficient for the CEH and ePTS using vmware?


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    This post is a mess but I'll take a stab at it...
    DDStime wrote: »
    I have VMware and ...

    VMware is company, not a product. That's like saying: "I use the Microsoft".
    DDStime wrote: »
    ... lab sufficient for the CEH and ePTS using vmware

    For the eLearnSecurity PTS course you will be using a Kali VM to establish an OpenVPN connection in their lab environment.

    A simple Google search of will assist you in creating a Kali in a VM using either VMware Player or Workstation. Then you'll need to read the eLearnSecurity lab guide on how to establish an OpenVPN connection into their lab environment.

    If you don't want your VMs routable you can change the vNIC to Host Only or routable only to other VMs that you specify with a Custom Lan segment. **At least on VMware Workstation you can, not sure about Player.
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