Why would someone have a different ping from the same distance?

leggonow1leggonow1 Junior MemberMember Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
If someone has the exact same download and upload as another person, and they test their ping to a location the same distance away, for example 100 miles away for each location why would one connection have a higher ping than the other connection? Thank you.


  • swildswild Senior Member Member Posts: 828
    There are a whole lot of variables here. Bandwidth actually has nothing to do with latency. Latency is all about the ISP's (and other intermediary) routing.
  • LexluetharLexluethar Senior Member Member Posts: 516
    Yup depends on a lot - depends on the routing protocol involved with your ISP's, how their network is configured and out the network handles load.

    Some routing uses distance (hops) as a measure while others use load and latency. Your two pings will not go the same route nor will they hit the same locations.

    Have both people run a tracert to the same location - that will give you the hops that the packets are hitting and where the latency is.
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