Can an Android Phone be remotely hacked without infection?

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I have another question... can an android phone be remotely hacked without having infected apps installed on the phone? For example, and Windows computer can be remotely hacked through open ports such as port 3389 using remote desktop. Is anything like this possible? And is a firewall needed for Android? Thank you.


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    Sure it's possible.

    I would venture to say the most popular attack vector on mobile devices would be Bluetooth.

    You can perform a multitude of attacks including Dos, Gaining Control of the Device and Stealing Data.

    Kali Linux has a ton of built in Bluetooth Tools.

    Here's an article with some information:

    How to Hack Bluetooth, Part 1: Terms, Technologies, & Security « Null Byte
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    Sure can. Basically the most insecure piece of technology you own is your phone. If you're one of those hacker types who uses Twitter to tweet out your accomplishments, don't.
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    Yes it can be hacked without any infection. Android has less security than Apple and blackberry, Hackers can easily access your Android phone through internet.
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