ASA 5512x and same license if using HA between them

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Hi guy this architect told me I can have mismatched Context license in and HA pair.
Fwl 1 has 2 context lice
Fwl 2 has 5 context lice

so when i marry them the HA will take the context 5 but is this correct?? I was told the licen has to match.
what is the results if I do this?


  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    I believe if you have newer software (like 9+) you can share license between a active/standby pair. So assuming you have both firewalls with the standard 2 context each plus a 5x context license you'd be able to use 9 context in the cluster. Older software versions you'd need the license to match on both devices.

    In active/active mode you'd need to buy the 5x context license for both.

    This is what I remember from looking at it last year though so should probably do some googling at least or reach out to your Cisco rep to verify yourself.
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