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So, I think I already know the answer to this, but passing the VCP6-DCV will renew the expiration on the VCP5-DCV correct? Mine is set to expire in Sept, so I'm considering this over the VCP5 Delta. Sorry, did a bit of searching in the last 20 min, but didn't find a clear answer.

I'm thinking about taking the academic version of VCP6-DCV, as I have a 70% off coupon. 2V0-621PSE is the test. Anyone seeing any issues with this route?


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    As a current VCP5-DCV holder, you have many options to recertify, but the obvious ones are to pass either VCP550D (VCP5-DCV Delta) or 2V0-621D (VCP6-DCV Delta)

    VCP550D will just recertify you as a VCP5-DCV, 2V0-621D will recertify your VCP5-DCV and give you VCP6-DCV.

    You could also do the 2V0-621PSE, the outcome will be the same as if you did 2V0-621D.

    Don't let your VCP5-DCV expire though, you'll never get it back if you do.
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