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DarkbloodDarkblood Member Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
If i am to use VMware to install 2K3 Server on my xp pro
to simuliate a domain/client enviroment
should i be using VMware workstation or VMware GSX server


  • woodwormwoodworm Member Posts: 153
    Not sure what the difference is, but i have VMWare Workstation and it allows me to install win2003 as a DC.
  • JuddJudd Member Posts: 132
    Could be wrong here but I believe that the GSX server is for installing servers, OS, NOS, on a foreign host such as Linux.
  • DarkbloodDarkblood Member Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
    perfect thx for the info
  • NPA24NPA24 Member Posts: 588 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I too was wondering how to get that to work. I've installed XP and Server 2003 but i'm not really sure if there is documentation in how to join the client to the domain.
  • PCHoldmannPCHoldmann Member Posts: 450
    Why not use the VMware Server beta? It is free, and the next generation of GSX.

    As to joining the domain, You might have a problem if the PC is running the server, because the server needs to boot to authenticate the PC. I have not tried to get the server to boot as a service to see if the server could be online before login, but I think you would still run into issues with the computer GPOs.


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  • rcooprcoop Member Posts: 183
    VMWare Workstation is fine especially on XP. Just make sure you have plenty of RAM for running Win2003 on one VM and an XP on another.

    Although someone else with VMWare Workstation would need to create the VM, there is now a free VMWare Player that allows others to run precreated VMs, and there are even some pre-packaged VMs (free OS's of course) on the site you can download and try.

    I'm a huge fan of VMWare (over MS Virtual PC), and definitely would recommend it to anyone that needs to run multiple OS's for testing or creating a virtual network.

    Although I'm no VMWare server software expert, there are two versions VMWare GSX Server and VMWare ESX Server, and they are made to support multiple virtual servers (and server OSs). The only problem I've found when using GSX/ESX is that they don't support USB ports like VMWare Workstation does (although only a single VM or the main OS can have control of each device at a time).

    Also a quick tip for those using VMWare workstation, it uses the PC Speaker (very annoyingly, I might add) whenever standard Windows Alerts happen (even if you mute sound in the host OS and VM OS)... you can disable it (it is a network "beep" service) by going to the command line of the VM OS and typing NET STOP BEEP.

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  • zenboyzenboy Member Posts: 196
    I'm using VirtualPC 2004 on my laptop. I install Server 2003 as my host and Xp on the virtual. What's the point of putting Server 2003 on the virtual if you can't get XP to authenticate (if XP is the host)?
    If installing VirualPC 2004 on Server 2003 OS, and you get the message that VirtualPC shouldn't be installed on 2003, just bypass the message and continue with the install. Make sure you get the update to Virual PC; it allow you to switch from the host to client easily.
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  • texasmcdsttexasmcdst Member Posts: 23 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I've installed server 2003 on vmware workstation as well as xp pro and can join it to the virtual domain. Works on all there products I believe.


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  • zenboyzenboy Member Posts: 196
    Texam...what's the size of diskspace for each virtual os you dedicated, and what is the amount of RAM? I'm using 256mb Ram and 2GB on my laptop; ok for a virtual os, but not both. Did you have to connect it to a hub to get the network capability?
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  • kjpou1kjpou1 Member Posts: 13 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Here is a link that might help all that want to set up a test lab.

    I used 250 MB memory vm machines with 3 - 4 GB space for the w2k3 servers and 2GB for XP pro machines.

    The host machine is an XP Pro machine.

    Definately use the NEWSID on your machines, which I install as part of the new machine and when I clone the machine for new labs it is the first thing run to set them up. I had a couple of problems until I read this on the thread mentioned above. I learned about it the NEWSID from the 270 test but did not think it would cause me that many problems in the vmware environment.

    I have been using the TrainSignal videos to study for the 291 test. The combination of VMWare workstation, cloning and TrainSignal have been an excellent investment for time and money.

    Hope this helps.


  • DarkbloodDarkblood Member Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
    After a morning of messing around with the VMware workstation
    i had trouble trying to get my Host (xp pro) to join the domain on guest server os (2k3)
    there were documentations saying its possible to script the xp upon boot up to load the virtual server first then join the xp in it but i find it
    a bit too complicated for my taste.
    End up setting up another virtual xp pro and thing works perfectly
    i just have to load the virtual 2k3 first then load the virtual xp and it has no problem loggin in and everything
    And that means.. back to diggin my head into the mspress again
  • zenboyzenboy Member Posts: 196
    I wonder if there is some way to get virtual oses to networked with each other without using a hub. I usually lug a small active hub with me to the library to run the virtual os and host os together when studying for the exam. Any advice out there? Sorry if this sound like I'm taking over the thread, but it does pertain to the setup. Any Advices?
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  • jamesthatsmeukjamesthatsmeuk Member Posts: 49 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Dunno if this helps..

    Whenever i used vmware i used to install 2 or 3 different operatering systems on the one computer.

    I could then network all three together and use the quick swich function..

    Let me know if this has helped..
  • zenboyzenboy Member Posts: 196
    Dunno if this helps..

    I could then network all three together and use the quick swich function..

    My question is, how do you get all three to network? Do you use a hub with cat5 cable like I'm doing? I just want to know if anyone knew if it's possible to have virtual os network with each other without using a HUB.
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  • NPA24NPA24 Member Posts: 588 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I thought I was the only one that encountered this issue I guess everyone has played around with it like I have.

    To clarify my original question:

    My host pc which is the main Operating System installed in my laptop is Windows XP Pro which is irrelevant.

    I have installed the VMWare Server Beta.

    I have installed Windows 2003 Server as a guest and also Windows XP Pro as a guest. My question is: If I make the W2K Server a domain controller in one single domain, how do I get the Windows XP Pro to join it. Every option I try says it can't locate the Windows 2003 Server domain name.

    Any suggestions would help!! Thanks!
  • xeviousxevious Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
    NPA24 - server and xp pingable? if so, DNS?

    Zenboy - Try a RJ45 loopback plug.
  • xeviousxevious Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I created a loopback RJ45 plug and it works great on my laptop. This should save you from having to carry a hub to enable the NIC. If you can get your hands on a crimping tool, it's easy to make.

    Simply have a wire connect pin1 and pin3, and another wire connect pin2 and pin6.

    Also, if you're using VMWare Server (free, beta) - be sure to disable debug mode for a performance boost. Debug mode is enabled by default for all virtuals.
  • zenboyzenboy Member Posts: 196
    thanks for the info. I didn't know you could do this. Anyhow, I have found a great article on how to do this.
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