C|EH August 19th Scheduled

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So, I have been in the training course this week. The company I work for paid for it and I should get my voucher tomorrow. I am scheduling my test for August 19th. I think i am ready. It all seems pretty basic with easy switches on NMAP and other tools with basic knowledge of the 5 stages in CEH with a little bit of other information. I have the official CEH guides volume 1 and 2 with the Sims book. It's funny that it has a bunch of slides and that it in the 1100 pages of material. So thoughts? Am I ready? I have no idea. I feel ready, but as usual am very nervous. I have been studying for a month on and off and got into this training camp this week finally. How should I prepare best?


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    I dunno, do you feel like a I33+ hax0r now on the side of good? otherwise, if you feel you're ready, you're ready enough.

    Side question - I meet with a lot of vendors/consultants and they're always pumping up how they have tons of CEHs working for them helping clients. What's your take on that now that you've got the knowledge under your belt? Bragging rights about how well you can secure or hack a company now?
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    TO be honest I have no idea. This cert teaches you the basics that is all. The HR departments of large organizations are retarded at best for requiring this certification. It shows how out of touch companies are with tangible competent IT people. That is why we have such a "Cyber" problem these days. It is just a check in the box IMHO. I have met a lot of people woth degrees from Carnegie Mellon and MIT with certification's that they could not have. When you speak to these people they are stupid as hell at best. Not in all cases, but that is just my experience.
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    You will need a lot more prep then just that to pass CEH. I passed the v9 exam and I can say that there are concepts not covered in the books that you will need to know from messing around with kali or similar pen testing distro. I can't say because of NDA but you should read over the courseware for sure and get the updated matt walker guides as well. Buy the Boson and Transcender practice exams as they give a good indication as to how you will do on the real thing. Best of luck!
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    SO even with the actual boot camp from EC Council and the official study guide by them I need more information? I am also using skill set.
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    Probably not. You'll most likely be fine with your Sec+ and CASP knowledge. Just brush up on the popular tools from Kali. Do a search for "CEH passed" on here.
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    Everyone's experience is different. I ONLY used skillset.com and a tad bit of the official courseware. I used about 98% skillset and that was it. I don't recall any one question or concept that was not covered on skillset after reaching a readiness score of at least 90 with skillset.
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