OMFG! CCENT pass, but only just.

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I know they say a pass is a pass, but scored 807 on my ICND1 test today needing 804 to pass, so literally scraped through by the skin of my teeth. It was my first attempt though, all self-study, so at least now I can get going on my ICND2 studies. In some ways I wish I could take it again for free just to see how I do on a second attempt in comparison, just curious.

I really wish you could review the answers after the exam and see which specific questions you got wrong rather than just being given a percentage of what you answered correctly within a given topic. My scores were:

67% Operation of IP Data Networks.
64% LAN Switching Technologies.
83% IP Addressing (IPv4/IPv6).
79% IP Routing Technologies.
75% IP Services.
75% Network Device Security.
100% Troubleshooting.

Good luck to anyone else (re)taking the v2 ICND1 exam before it expires in August.


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    Congrats! I assume ICND2 is next?
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    The troubleshooting really pulled it out for you. doing all those labs paid off.

    I recently passed mine too. and nothing that i've studied in the last month was even on the test. I hope they don't double up on it on the icnd2.
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    Nice jobs gang, big win.
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    Congrats GDaines!

    I barely passed ICND1 with score of 830ish two weeks ago. I thought I aced it and had 40 minutes left on the exam when I finished. In the end though, pass is a pass!

    Are you pushing to take ICND2v2 before it's retired? I plan on sitting for mine about a month from now. I am a bit burnt out and having a hard time concentrating though..

    Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming!
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    Congratulations! I booked mine for October.
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    The best thing to do is review the questions you may have thought you had problems with when the exam is fresh in your mind. That may help you quench your curiosity in the future. In the meantime just understand that a pass is a pass and a win is a win.

    Congrats again and good luck in the future!!
  • TrucidoTrucido Posts: 250Member

    What books/videos did you use?
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    Thanks everyone.

    I did include a brief overview of some of the topics I encountered without giving specific questions from the exam, just like I've seen in other threads, but the moderator censored my post and removed that section. I think what does seem to be allowed is a list of the training resources I used.

    CCNA Routing and Switching Deluxe Study Guide by Todd Lammle & William Tedder, published by Sybex.
    CCNA 2016 200-120 Video Boot Camp with Chris Bryant, published by Udemy.

    A few INE videos on Youtube.
    Numerous free practice tests/questions from various sources.
    And of course Google, Wikipedia and Cisco for additional material and explanations.
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