Some consulting for the company in Miami.

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Several weeks ago I was asked if I would like to assist another company with their Security Posture and Infrastructure. It would be about 3-4 months in Miami. Like most people, my ears perked up when they mentioned hanging out in Miami for four months. I had a quick interview with the Security Director of the company, and I am pretty confident I will get the go ahead this week. I've tried to find solid information on short term relocation and surprisingly came up empty. My company doesn't really have any policy that outlines a short-term relo. I was wondering if anyone had some experience in this. I thought they should at minimum pay for a short-term rental 3k a month in Miami, 1k for misc/gas/food, 1k for round-trip shipment of my car and maybe some flights back home to see the wife and kids. Does that sound reasonable? It would be significantly more if they went the per diem route and kept me in a hotel.
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