Passed the 901!

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Received a score of 775/900. An easier exam than I thought but scored worse than expected if that makes any sense. Perhaps I did not read some of the questions well enough. Getting back into IT after a 9 year break. Used cbt nuggets and Professor Messer - both of which I think are exceptional.

Onto 902 this week....
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    All the best,

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    Grats! I am currently studying. Any tips for me please? I currently have the fred meyer's book.
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    I'm taking my 901 tomorrow at 1:30pm! Any tips or advice is welcomed.
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    Probably too late - but practice tests are a very good measure of my knowledge and helps me feel more comfortable going into the test. That feeling of a bit of confidence means alot (to me at least) and helps keep my head right.

    Good luck on your test!
    2017 Goals: Cisco: [x]Switch [ ]Route [ ]Tshoot

    Cisco engineer's command to teach his dog to sit: "no stand"
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