Passed both Core and OS Tests today :)

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Hey mates,

Im 15 and decided to get A+ to get a jump on a job at Best Buy this summer :). My experiance with 'tech' has been doing tech support and administrating a 2003 server at my highschool, and ofcourse lots of tinckering at home (Expecially linux lately). I took both tests today at a local community college and passed both. The OS one felt easier, but both were annoying in the amount of obscure stuff they crammed in. Anyway, just saying hi to the community, seems like it will be a great resource for some of the other certs I plan on getting later!

Have a great day


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    Congratulations Wilson!

    Welcome to the site :)
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    Congrats, Wilson!

    Sounds like you have ambition. And, you're correct in your approach--get that experience!

    Good luck for the future.
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