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Hi all,

I currently hold several certs and at the moment generally solidifying my knowledge. Wondering if anyone on the forums have a good method they have used for memory retention and their CCIE studies. I have been reading up on things like flash cards and spaced repetition - but just wondered what the best method is people have used for studies and progressive study to retain knowledge.

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    Repetition, repetition, repetition...
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    I can totally relate, I am trying everything to retain everything from watching videos, flash cards, labs, even at work if I know the issue is routing and switching I'd be the first person to raise my hand and tshoot it, thinking what if the scenario shows up in the lab exam :)
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    Think I am going to give the flashcards more of a go.. in between moving jobs at the moment so trying to do a refresher of CCNP knowledge by reading the TCP/IP Volume 1 and 2 books. I've made some short notes to turn into flash cards, but just haven't got around to making the cards yet!
    2018 Goal: CCIE Written [ ]
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    gorebrush wrote: »
    Repetition, repetition, repetition...

    The only way someone gets to play Carnegie Hall - practice.
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    Flash cards are great for memorizing trivial things like port numbers and definitions. They may not help you understand the how? and why? of a particular technology.
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    I'll echo the repetition method but with an emphasis of 'doing'. Meaning putting in the work to lab / create a scenario to learn from and do it over and over. Involving your brain in as many triggering elements is key. 'Doing' by putting your hands, your eyes, and your brain together all at once.
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    It's not just good enough to practice and repeat. Perfect practice takes the gold.
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    What constitutes perfect practice?
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    I read aloud to myself and write notes to myself. Also practice labs (if applicable).
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    dontstop wrote: »
    What constitutes perfect practice?

    Practice the same way you want to deliver when the time comes. We all get sloppy when rushed. When you practice sloppy, it just gets worse when you need to perform.
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    Active review is a great thing...
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    There are plenty of studies done on the importance of note taking and how it relates to remembering what you are reading. Also, teaching others something that you have learned is a solid way to embed any information in your brain. Maybe something like creating a YouTube video or starting a blog where you explain topics in detail could help facilitate remembering topics.
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