Which CISSP Book is Best/Most Accurate

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I have access to multiple CISSP Books (Shon Harris 6, Eric Conrad, Sybex 7, and of course ISC2 Official Doorstop).

Broadly I have found Sybex 7 to be the most readable - but I am concerned that when I refer to other books for similar topics, I find a ton more info that isn't in Sybex, or that things that Sybex has pages on are only given a few lines.

I also did a bootcamp a while back - and half of the things they went over and over (e.g dog breeds and foot candles!) are hardly coming up in the books anywhere.

So - are any of these books considered by the community to be THE most accurate as to what may be in the exam ?

Or is it all luck of the draw.



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    Each book is written for a specific audience not so much or less accurate in its delivery. Eric wrote his series for people who already have a security background or at the very least heavy IT background. Shon Harris took (past tense) a you need to know everything possible and was the pioneer of her time writing the AiO, since copied ad nausea. Sybex is the classic market reaction to Shon's AiO but drier and more condense.

    Basically all three have taken the CISSP digested the information needed to pass to pablum so it shouldn't matter any more which book(s) to use or not. We are awash in these types of study materials and people pass using each and only one of the materials above.

    You should have no difficulty at all with the exam using any of the three.

    - b/eads
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    I enjoyed reading Eric Conrad's book the most.

    That said, the official CISSP Sybex 7 case study questions to me seemed to be the most related to the exam questions.

    Understand / drill into your head all the CONCEPTS
    the CISSP for me was not a very technical exam

    some of the questions, I drew on my years of experience to answer vs anything I actually studied
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