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Hi Guys,How can I hide my ID number? its an internal call likeSip phone
Sip phoneI have done a hunt pilot for 5 phones, when someone calls 1173, all the 5 phones rings but when I call from one of these phones its real number appears and I dont want that.I was trying to change these numbers to 1173 for outbound call but it did not work.your help would be appreciated!


  • davenulldavenull Member Posts: 173 ■■■□□□□□□□
    You can use Calling Party Transformation CSS in the "Caller ID For Calls From This Phone" section on the Phone Configuration page. You can mask the number with the hunt pilot for internal calls.

    External calls will still use External Phone Number Mask or the actual DN if External Phone Number Mask is not configured. This can be further manipulated at the gateway/trunk level.
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