Passed Sec+, what worked for me:

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Hey y'all, I lurked this forum for the last couple months and I got a lot of good tips so I thought I'd share what worked for me as a way to help others taking this test.

I scored a 811 after studying for about 2 months off and on (I work full time in a non-IT career field). I have no real IT experience. The test materials I used were:

-Darril Gibson's book (read the whole thing once)
-Darril Gibson's app for practice questions
-CompTIA Certmaster (went through the whole thing, but I feel like most of the information was not relevant to the exam. I would skip this if I did it again.)
-Watched a few professor Messer videos on concepts I was struggling with.

Hoping to use this cert to get my foot in the government jobs door and switch career fields into IT! Next step, CCNA hopefully.


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    All the best,

    "Everything that has a beginning has an end"
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    2017 Certification Goals
    CompTIA A+ [ ] CompTIA Net+ [ ] CompTIA Sec+ [ ] CCENT [ ] ITIL [ ]
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    I am a Jack of all trades, Master of None
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    Thanks you for posting this. I found it helpful.
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    https://www.cybrary.it/ congratulations this site that i just posted has free training for many different certs including more security certs
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