What other careers are there in IT.......

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I am having a hard time in understanding Cyber Sec, so I think I may need to move on. I worked as a Help Desk Analyst in the past, but its was mainly level 1 support. Want something more with hands on. right now I am a field tech, but I hate it since I am on the road a lot and rather be an office I like being around people.Anytime the IT person was not there people ask me for advice. No matter where I worked people have always to come to me for their issues. I love helping people with their issues and people come to me for their PC issues.

Are there any advance Roles of Desktop or Help Desk?

Any suggestions...


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    You can make good money as a help desk guy, but from a technical standpoint there isn't much advancement. That's why most people that are actually interested in technology move up fairly quick.
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