Passed ICND1 on Monday !!

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I got an 839 which I am pleased with and even though I am slow with sub netting I got a 100% on the IPv4/v6 section. I used the Odom book, got CBT nugget videos from school, and used Chris Bryant on Udemy. Disclaimer .. this was my second attempt first try got a 766. For anyone on the fence take the test to clear away doubts around what it might be like. You might just pass the first time around !!

Next up mad dash to try to get ICND2 done before its end date for the current version.


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    I am on the fence since a long time.
    guess may take the plunge.
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    What are you using to study for ICND2? I messed up and let CCNP expire so I am starting over. icon_sad.gif
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