IP routing process

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Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to get my ccna and I am at a part in the book that I just don't understand how it works I will explain:

I am reading the Todd Lammle ccna book and I have come across the IP routing process and how a packet moves from inside the LAN to outside the LAN and my question is: When a packet is destined for a remote network or a network outside its LAN it sends it to the default gateway which is the router and not through the switch first?

But then I come across another section in the book where it says "Server sends a unicast frame to Router C Because it is a unicast frame Switch A forwards the frame as well"

Please let don't hesitate to ask for further detail on the question.


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    You need to separate the layers. Routing is an L3 function and switching an L2 function. The switch forwards the frame based on MAC (L2) to the router where it is then forwarded based on IP (L3).
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