Stuck on C169...the dreaded JAVA class

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So, I have roughly 30 days to complete the JAVA project and OA. My head is spinning... I was able to build my Student class with no syntax errors and it looks right but I can't get the Roster class down...smh... I'm about to watch the sample project cohort again and go thru the other cohorts tonight. Python wasn't that hard to me and I was able to quickly grasp the concept. I'm not sure if work/home life balance is throwing me off or what but this is the last class for this term and I didn't accelerate anything this term. I have this class left then....C175, C170, Tech writing, and Capstone until I'm done. I'm hoping to have it all done by the end of the year but I got to get over this hurdle. Any suggestions, ideas, or anything would be appreciated....thanks again!


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    Python and Java are very apples and oranges, so I wouldn't let Python's relative simplicity upset you much.

    Are you having trouble completing a task requirement or with the Roster class itself? This course does ask a lot from people who aren't familiar with programming logic or OOP principles. I'm a C# guy in my spare time (Java is one of C#'s parents so the two have A LOT in common), and I think if it weren't for that this class would have been a nightmare.

    I wouldn't post any code in the thread, WGU could have agents anywhere... :)
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    What a weird coincidence. Every student can enroll anytime, do courses at their own pace and in the order they like, so finding someone in the same situation than you is not a likely scenario. In my case, I'm also doing Java now, then I have the 2 sql courses, then tech writing and capstone. Same deal.

    I'm following this course for Java (link), I really like his way of explaining things. I tried another one from Lynda and it was too convoluted, I ended up dropping it and searching another guide. This one is pretty long, so if you already started with something else you might just wanna see a few videos that explain whatever you might not understand. This class is a lot more difficult than Python. I really enjoyed that one (and is the first one I find useful), Java.. a whole different animal. I don't see myself using it for anything. Usually I do the exam first, then I tackle the project if there is one.

    You could check the announcements of the course because they posted other resources you can use. It seems a lot of people complained about the Udacity course and they are looking for a replacement. I'm a little mad that they are using external videos and they didn't take the time to do one on their own.. anyway, you can also check reddit, there is a wgu subreddit and if you search for 'java' you will find more information. Good luck!
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    I struggled with this class, too. The best advice I can give you is to make an appointment with a course mentor. I actually did a screen share with mine and she helped me by going line by line through my code and giving me advice on how to make it work. After four 30 minute sessions, I was done! Course, I struggled the most with the multiple choice exam. Failed it twice with a 67.... then finally passed with a 76.
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    Passed the OA today, passed project a couple of weeks ago. First try 79%, used study guide from Reddit,quizlets,Wiley book from course, and the youtube videos...
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    fjhesq wrote: »
    Passed the OA today, passed project a couple of weeks ago. First try 79%, used study guide from Reddit,quizlets,Wiley book from course, and the youtube videos...
    Nice job. On to the next.
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    Bpenn which course mentor did you use I'm having trouble too with the project
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    What course are you guys talking about?
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    1. If you have the files from the cohort you are 90% done with coding after changing the names/specifics.
    2. Depending on the IDE you are using one of the IDEs will automatically create the setters and getters.
    3. Depending on the IDE you use (I believe BlueJ), I had to use literals in the interface when creating or adding the objects for testing.
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