Would anyone be willing to be my network mentor?

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My workplace doesnt have a network guy and ive been studying like crazy trying to become more knowledgeable. (studying for ccna). But i would need some guidance on how to apply what ive learned, what questions i need to ask about my current works network, etc. Also im not sure that even if i obtain my ccna that id be able to improve our network, considering it was built by network engineers. Would anyone be willing to let me pm from time to time? Discuss my current companies meetings,needs,goals, networking related and how I can play a bigger role in these things? I will do my best to read up on my own and prevent myself from being hand held all the way, but general guidance would really help out. Thanks


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    Not sure that I could be much help, but one way might be to read up on best practices and then see how your network matches up to those. Also if there is any documentation on your network or any written policies, to read those. See if you can draw some topology maps up, and get a feel for how everything interconnects.

    Other questions might be how long ago the network was built, and what changes there might have been in the meantime. Are there any issues with the current set up, do people grumble about performance etc?
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