WGU BS Software Development - 10/1/16

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I've lurked here for a loooong time but never really posted anything. I'm here now, though! I just finished my Associate's of Computer Science and received my transfer eval from WGU.

Transferred in:
C182 Introduction to IT
C168 Critical Thinking and Logic
C132 Elements of Effective Communication
C455 English Composition I
C456 English Composition II
C376 Web Development Foundations
C100 Introduction to Humanities
C172 Network and Security - Foundations
C255 - Introduction to Geography
C278 - College Algebra
C173 - Scripting and Programming - Foundations
C459 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics
C169 - Scripting and Programming - Applications
C175 - Data Management - Foundations
C179 - Business of IT - Applications

Total transferred in = 53 credits

Still needed:
C393 - IT Foundations
C394 - IT Applications
C480 - Networks
C483 - Principles of Management
C191 - Operating Systems for Programmers
C170 - Data Management - Applications
C176 - Business of IT - Applications
C178 - Network and Security - Applications
C192 - Data Management for Programmers
C484 - Organizational Behavior and Leadership
C189 - Data Structures
C482 - Software I
C188 - Software Engineering
C195 - Software II - Advanced Java Concepts
C193 - Client-Server Application Development
C196 - Mobile Application Development
C435 - Technical Writing
C436 - IT Capstone Written Project

Credits left = 70

I am really glad that I transferred over the C169 because it seems like an awful lot of people have issues with that class.

My plan right now is to start studying the A+ Professor Messer videos and the books. Then on to Network+, Security+, and Project+. I'm hoping to have studied enough for all of those before my start date that I will be able to knock them out quickly. I would love to be able to complete the program in 6 months but I think I'm going to end up with a 12 month program. Never hurts to try, though!

If anybody has any recommendations for study material or guidance for anything, please let me know.

Looking forward to moving on with my career goals!


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