Sec 502/gppa

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Anybody know the status of this SEC502? They essentially stopped offering it, even the option to purchase the self-paced study materials was removed. The feedback I got from SANS was that they are updating the material, possibly to be available in 2017. Meanwhile the GPPA test is still available as far as I know.
I was looking into purchasing the class materials second-hand and doing the GPPA sometime in 2016.
Any insights into what is happening with this course?


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    They're likely revising the course materials like the usually do. Given that the concept of a "perimeter" has been evolving quite a bit in the last couple of years, this isn't surprising.

    That said, SANS courseware isn't allowed for resale by students of the class. At the very least it's against the spirit of the courseware license agreement.
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    Just wanted to provide an update to this, I followed up with SANS, and t[FONT=&quot]hey are currently working on a new course that will replace the SEC502 course, SEC530 – Defensible Security Architecture. SANS expects to have it out sometime during the 4th quarter of 2017.[/FONT]
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