Cyber Security and Information Assurance Doctoral Programs

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Can anyone recommend a quality online Doctoral (PhD or D.Sc.) program in Cyber Security and Information Assurance?

I've been looking at the University of Fairfax, and received mixed reviews. The program looks pretty rigorous, and they're willing to consider off-setting some of my class work based on my current and planned certifications (such as my CISSP and forthcoming PMP). They also offer a Veterans (which I am) discount, and financial assistance including fellowships, grants, etc. (which would be important to me given that I'd be funding the program out of pocket).

That said, if I'm going to invest multiple years of study and many thousands of dollars, it makes sense to do a program with the highest value - i.e a balance between a high quality program at a reasonable price.

PS - My long-term interest is in teaching (for like some day in the future when I'm semi-retired - playing golf during the day and teaching at night); that may provide some more context icon_cool.gif


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    Isn't Fairfax only nationally accredited?
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    TranceSB, I appreciate your previous FB, just opening it up to a larger audience. Are you working on a graduate program? Or already degree'd (MS or D.Sc./PhD)?
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    I am leaning towards Capella for mine, I have been looking at a few schools. Personally, I am not looking to move towards education, but with my employers education benefit I can achieve a personal goal without coming out of pocket.

    Capella seems to have their stuff together compared to other for-profit online schools. They offer doctorate and PhD programs with varying levels of flexibility. Their 'residency' is three long weekends at various conference centers and spaced out in the programs. Best of all for me, they allow you to take up to 3 quarters off before taking a leave of absence. This will allow for flexibility family/job responsibilities and to space the tuition costs out to maximize my employer reimbursement while maintaining enrollment. They also accepted two courses from my MSISA at WGU as transfer credits.

    NCU seems to be more rigid and have fairly set schedules. There is no residency requirement, but the enrollment counselors seem helpful and on the ball. I decided not to pursue further since their programs are Business Administration degrees.

    I also applied to CTU, but had no luck coordinating with counselors or getting information. I requested additional info from their site and received an automated email that stated I missed an agreed upon scheduled appointment when I had not spoken to anyone. They seemed too busy and not interested in getting answers to program and financial specifics. The rep I did speak with took days to get on the line and could not talk for more than a few minutes. After a few days of radio silence I received an automatic email that my application was removed due to lack of communication.

    I hear good things about DSU, but my employer does not recognize them for reimbursement. Their application process seems to be antiquated and fairly involved. There are a few more requirements to get into the program, but their degree may be ranked higher by those looking at your credentials.

    If I were pursuing education or a career in research, I would consider a more well known, non-profit, school with a B&M campus. Just a few observations and thoughts from my experience so far in searching for terminal degree programs. I would be interested in seeing what information you gather from these or other schools.
    Working on: Doctor of Information Technology Information Assurance and Security @ Capella
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    TranceSB, I appreciate your previous FB, just opening it up to a larger audience. Are you working on a graduate program? Or already degree'd (MS or D.Sc./PhD)?

    I'm one exam away from completing my MS with WGU and knock out my MBA over the next year. Then I will loot at Capella.
    I was debating between Capella and NCU but the former has a PhD in IT whereas the latter is a business admin degree with specialization.
    I also think that the residency at Capella might not be so bad if eventually managed properly with work and family constraints since it will provide the occasional break from insanity and a networking opportunity with professors and fellow students.

    If you want to teach, I would recommend at least to look for regional accreditation. Don't think that you will be able to compete for tenure track full time position with an online doctorate within the next 5-6 years because the current academic snobbery is still too strong. It will be stronger still if you graduate with a DEAC accredited school.

    My .02 pesos.
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