200-120 vs. 200-125

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I have been studying for the CCNA R&S for the past year and got through the 21 chapter book. Since I feel I will not be ready by the last date to take the 200-120 test, how should I change my studying approach since I will most likely be taking the new 200-125 test?

Any advice appreciated.



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    If you feel you won't be ready then don't put any added pressure on yourself, it's not a race, so my advice to you is wait for the 200-125. I kind of rushed into it and failed the 200-120 this morning, so take your time, train hard, and make sure you understand what you don't know.
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    you always could take the icnd1 test now and take the new icnd2v3 later.

    And, keep studying, the ccna v3 isn't all new material. 90%+ is the same as what is on the current exam.

    There are new study materials out there for the v3 exam. and cisco has listed the exam topics:

    Study till you are prepared. nobody wants to pay cisco to tell them they should have studied more before taking the test.
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    If it has been a year you might be closer than you think. Also, as stated, you can take the current ICND1 and then the future ICND2. Might be better off because the future ICND2 will not have frame relay. Plus OSPF has been moved to ICND2 as well. So you will have some free gimme questions that way as well lol
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    I will probably split it up and do the 100-101 soon, then take it from there.

    Thanks for the help.
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