Need to re-certify CCNA by September; which exam to take?

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Hello folks,

It seems there has been some updates across the board to Cisco's certification curriculum, which leaves me a bit undecided as to which exam would be, for now anyway, the easiest way to re-certify my CCNA which expires in early September. From what I understand, I can either take the ICND2 exam, or another associate-level exam.

If anyone has experience with the refreshed exams, is there a particular one you would recommend for ease of study and mapping of exam questions to materials? I read some mixed reviews of the CCNA: Security OCT and I don't see enough testimonials of the CCDA OCT or exam to determine if those are the routes I should take. I have very little experience with Wireless or Collaboration.

I appreciate any feedback you can provide. :)


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    If you have experience with ASA, then the CCNA Sec is probably a good thing to look at. I can't comment on the current OCG. I did the previous version and used a combo of the OCG and Chris Bryant videos. His videos were better aligned to the question I had in the exam than the OCG was.

    Apart from the ASA, mostly it is configuring security features in routers and switches, and a little general security stuff. There is some overlap with Sec+.

    The CCNA Sec OCG is also about 3/4 the size of the CCDA OCG, so there's that ;)
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    i peeked at your post history.
    it seems you have gone through this before :]

    With your experience, do you reallly need the ccna anymore?

    nonetheless, i agree with you;
    easiest solution is to simply re-pass the icnd2
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