Passed CEH

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Passed CEH with the score of 87.2.

The exam was little tricky but not that difficult.

Materials which I used to study:
1. Course-ware from EC-Council.(Little Lengthy)
2. Matt-Walker All in One Guide.(One of the best guide for preparation)
3. Skillset.
4. Tips from the other members of this site.

Thanks for all the help and tips provided by other members.

Some Tips I would like to share:
-Remember the tools.
-Nmap switches.
-Know the latest vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed,ShellShock,etc.
-Wireshark Syntax.
-Types of Viruses.
-Understand the laws such as HIPPA,etc.

Just study well and practice well.

I am currently studying in second year BCA and now looking forward for ECSA.


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