My CCIE Collaboration Odyssey

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Welcome to my thread! Today is July 29, 2016. I wanted to share and track progress on my goal to obtain CCIE Collaboration cert. My first goal is to pass written within 1 year [aug '17]. Second goal is to pass lab within the next year after passing written [aug '18]. Realistic? You tell me.

A little about me. My name is Eric and I work full-time with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. On occasion I touch IM&P, UCCE, Unity, Prime (PCA, PCP) and Telepresence. I have my CCNA:RS, and have decided to skip NP track for various reasons for which I can share someday. My motivation is the personal accomplishment as well as a career goal for advancement. I am surrounded by IEs at work and I want that badge for myself. icon_cool.gif

My study plan for written
My very vanilla plan is to primarily use the blueprint as my guide. For example, do I understand topic A in the blueprint very well? If not, i'll flesh out my understanding with a combination of reading docs/guides, videos, tutorials and labs. My goal is to understand the fundamentals and theory behind all the topics strongly and not spend as much time configuring every single topic until I'm prepping for the lab.

Every few weeks I will review material learned in the past 1-2 weeks to reinforce concepts.

Thanks for reading, I welcome and love all your suggestions. icon_study.gif


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