How do I ping PC1 to PC3?

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Im just a newbie here and in Packet Tracer.

Here is my question: How do I ping PC1 to PC3?

i have 2 PCs (PC 1 and PC 2) connected to Router1 (2621xm) and Router1 is connected to Router2 (2621xm) via Serial Cable and the PC3 is connected to Router2.

The config for PC1 is
Gateway is

PC2 is
GW is

Router 1 is

Router2 is

PC3 is

i am able to ping Pc1 to pc2 but not to pc3.

it says reply from (ip address): destination host unreachable

can someone help me please?

thank you.


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    Have you got routes set on the two routers so they know how to reach the networks that each other have connected?

    So on Router 1 you need the following static route:
    ip route

    And on router 2 you need the following:
    ip route
    ip route

    Hope that helps

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    As above. The routers will know about the networks that they are directly attached to, hence why router 1 can route between PC1's network and PC2's network. But router 2 only knows about the network of PC3 and the serial link.

    So you either need to set up static routing (ie tell the router, if you want to reach these networks, send the traffic this way), or use a routing protocol (basically so the routers can talk to each other and say "yeah, I have access to these networks and if you want to reach them, just send the traffic my way.")

    The other thing to remember with pings, is that you need to path to the destination (to send the ping request), and also the path back (to receive the reply) - so router 1 needs to know how to get to router 3's networks AND router 3 needs to know how to get to router 1's networks.
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    Yey! It's working now. Thanks! That wasn't taught in the class but thanks guys!
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    Here's a neat video that explains networking basics at an IP/ARP level and why routers are needed between networks, etc. This could help further your understanding on a fun level.

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