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I am wondering if I can take comfort from the CISSP practice questions out there, or whether I am being given a false sense of security.

So far I have done:

- both the exams from Eric Conrad (Elsevier: conrad: CISSP Study Guide Practice Exams) - 80% on both

- all the end of Chapter Questions from Sybex 7 (probably averaged about 75-80%) - sadly the online exams are so slow to load I just cant do them.

- a mountain of questions off the disk that came with Shon Harris 6 (calls itself Total Tester - presume this is Mgraw Hill)

I was getting worried, so have just shelled out a pile of cash of CCURE, run a quick 40 Q quiz and got 85%. (I will be doing the rest before the exam)

Does this mean I am on track for exam success? or are the questions known to be just too easy ?

Pretty desperate I know - but I'm looking for validation!


  • ankit2455ankit2455 Member Posts: 17 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Hi, I am also planning to give the exam next month. What books you have used to go through the course. Regarding questions, there have been some new books/kindle reads which have come in the market in July'16 from
    - [h=2]CISSP Official (ISC)2 Practice[/h]
    - Shon Harris practice tests, v4

    I have ordered Shon Harris question set online and its yet to be delivered.

    I am also in dilemma like you as to go for the tests as i have also scored near about you in the practice sets from the resources that you have mentioned.
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    That is about where I was, in fact a litter better. I would consider the transcender questions too. Also, check out the cybrary dot it videos for any weak domains
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