Why are voice and data packets not fragmented?

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Any answers please?
Thank you.


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    You should go read what you can about fragmentation.

    Articles like http://blog.ine.com/2008/11/05/dealing-with-fragmented-traffic/

    There's a lot about it.
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    I got the answer!
    Fragmentation to
    b) Decrease large packets serialization delay on slow links. By “slow link”, we mean a link with “physical” speed (e.g. clock-rate) less than 1 Mbps. The issue is usually to have a mix of bulk data and delay-sensitive traffic (e.g. voice) on the same link. This is because large bulky packets (say 1500 bytes in size) may block the interface transmission queue for a long time (with slow links), making small voice packets (e.g. 60 bytes) to wait for more than maximum tolerable threshold (say 10ms).

    Fragmentation is not effective without interleaving

    Voice is delay sensitive traffic.
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