Passed GCFA today

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I started the FOR508 online class on 6/21/16. I watched two of the videos but got a little bored with them so I just used the books. I read each book 3 times and did the labs once or twice. I did not do the forensic challenge yet but I plan on doing it soon. I was able to get an extra practice test from someone on here so I had a total of three. I took the first practice test after 3 weeks and scored an 80. I took the second two weeks later and got a 79. I took the third on Saturday and scored 84. I used all three hours each time. I thought the exam was pretty tough. Things were phrased a little different than I was used to and there were a few questions that I never saw in the books. In the end I scored a 77. I would have liked to score a little higher but this is my 4th GIAC cert in 9 months and I'm getting a little delirious. I'm planning on taking a month or two off and then going after the GPEN.


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    4th GIAC in 9 months is quite the accomplishment, doesn't matter how high of a score, you passed all of them. My hats off to ya, Congrats!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats! Are you in the Master's degree program?
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    No, I'm actually finishing up my undergrad. I have just under a year left. I have to reach out to the MS program because I want to enroll once I finish my BS. They only allow 25% of the classes to be previously completed. I believe that is 4 classes. I need to find out what would happen if I had 4-6 certs and they were all passed within two years.
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