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Hey folks,
I'm a New Member here and i found this forum while seeking some answers and i think that i reached the right Place, I have some simple questions and i hope you guys can help me to understand what should i do and where to start .

Ive been the tech support guy for years now and i'm really sick of it and want to get into Servers and take the MCSA/MCSE tests as soon as possible but honestly i just don't know how and where to start.

For a start I need to buy a laptop which can handle Server Virtualization, daily used and some gaming time to time, YES i know a PC would be a much better Idea but its not an option for me Budget/Space wise and i think i found a laptop with some sort of good performance that might fit .. you can check it out here : Lenovo Laptop 15.6 Inch , 1 TB , 16 GB RAM, Intel 6th Generation Core i7 , Windows 10 Home , Black - Y700-80NV00M5AX price, review and buy in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi | ( Let me know what you think and if i can manage to do some server work using it or not ) .

If we agreed on the hardware i would like to share my thoughts with you about servers studying, So in my mind its like installing 1 Server VM and 3 Clients VM's and connect them all together on a virtual network and start administrating these 3 PC's with my server. I'm sure Windows server is much much more than that, because sometimes at work i used to help the servers guys to build servers cabinets and i was aware that there is couple of IBM or Dell Servers, F5 Switches, Normal Switches, Tapes and Storage Devices with Netapp on them .. and that's why i'm here today so you guys can guide me through .

- Whats the best way to self study MCSA ?
- Where can i find resources for that matter ?
- Any recommended books to buy ?
- Any advice ?

Looking forward for your answers
thanks in advanced
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