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I took my CCSP test 8/1 and did not pass. My study materials were the OnDemand course, the CBK, the CSA v3 Guide, and NIST 800-145. It wasn't enough.

My primary deficiencies were in Domain 6, Application Security, and RM

My take aways are:
1) Know the OWASP vulnerabilities and how to mitigate (mitigate is used frequently)
2) Know more intimate details of varying privacy laws and regs beyond that of title, applicable region, and date of origin
3) Know RM controls.

I've rescheduled my test towards the EOM, I don't think I was off my too much.


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    What are "RM" controls?
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    SeabSeab Member Posts: 127
    Thanks for sharing your exp. Probably trying CCSP before the end of year. If you find good resources, please share again ! :)
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