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I wanna learn everything about linux soo any course suggested for mee??? Like what course should i take ahead...plz any nice suggestions from world???


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    I suggest LFCS Path course from Andrew Mallett on Pluralsight. Course published order:
    LFCS: Linux Essentials
    LFCS: Linux Operation Essentials
    LFCS: Linux User and Group Management
    LFCS: Linux Storage Management
    LFCS: Linux Networking
    LFCS: Linux Service ManagementLFCS: Linux Virtualization Management

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    World suggests you can't learn everything about Linux and you'll have to focus on a part of Linux that most interests you. Do you like programming, are you into writing device drivers? Maybe you like fixing network connections and watch over servers? Or like to help other Linux users that have problems with Linux? Or maybe you are into security?
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    im in same boat as OP,i did years course on ccna,which by the end made a lot of sense,now doing lvl1-2 helpdesk on trial basis,but what i find that while i have good grasp on applications that run on windows servers - i completely lack any any understaning in VMs or server side,thus this gap between application layer and network transport is sort of big gap.

    Now helpdesk job is temporary and is a mix of everything a bit of networking and mostly windows active directories,and some servers-which i can use but no clue what way they are setup or how things run at that level.thus big gap,and to add on top really dont like experience of helpdesk-when dealing with people that barely can use computer and besides outlook and excel and some printers braking down feels miserable.

    after finishing ccna,i realized how much i missed console and just setting up networks to see actual results even if it was in lab environment,thus in few months will be looking at courses,and while did some lpic1-2 on spare time it was just too disturbing,to have it in the mix with networking,since felt like gotten my hands on pc 20years ago while on linux,thus every command,symbols scripting and whole unix layout was too much to learn on side.

    But now im puzzled since seems major corps,bussinesses use windows servers,and linux is there at the core level,which are handled by contractors,and thats my goal since i havent good skills for support as explaining basics to people when its google fingertips away solution to whatever mess they make.But if looking at job market its usually every job that requires either very specific skill in windows or linux,and 2-3yrs experience.now many suggest to stick to lvl1 support and move,but in most companies that move takes years if any at all before person goes higher.

    So im fast to pick up new technologies,but i know i need to start at bottom for linux and once done with that im not sure what else should be taken to get decent chance at job which would require skills to manage servers,now windows have its own route,but given licensing and limits ,compared to linux ,id rather choose road less traveled,but can anyone give layout to what's in demand and after getting certs would make a break in career as opposed to grind trough every system.As other person stated theres no single route in linux to know it all,but my attraction would be on server side,and networking -not so much in programming.
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    Windows, Linux, Networking...

    don't worry about learning them all.

    Just focus on the one that you like the most... and go from there :]
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