does sending/mirror traffic to another destination port interupt traffice flow?

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This example shows how to configure VLAN 901 as the source remote VLAN and port 5 as the destination interface:
Switch(config)# monitor session 1 source remote vlan 901
Switch(config)# monitor session 1 destination interface fastEthernet0/5
Switch(config)# end

I want to sniff vlan 901 vlan to see what kind of traffic is coming and going from this vpn router. noone knows what kind
of traffice is coming or going on the vpn router so I want to sniff the vlan 901 which it is on. will sniffing/mirror trafic to another destination port
sscrew up the traffic going to and from the vpn router in vlan 901. I dont want to f it up hahahah thanks. My gut feeling is it wont since it is only mirroring it but want to get a 2nd opinion.


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    it will only screw things up if you loop it. i've seen it happening a few months ago.
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    thanks bro for helping. Me I did it way way after hours and was ready to remove it. And it worked fine.
    I always am a little leary of stuff on production but I remoted in and did it way after hours and made sure I had a fix planahahahh believe me I have done text book stuff before and ending up saying OH CRAP. But wisdom has taught me to follow a protocol of steps from research with peers to back out plan haahaha. thanks man it worked great. did mirror source dest command and mad the sniff port and access vlan port worked great. thank youicon_cheers.gif
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