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So after buckling down and cramming the last month I took the exam yesterday and passed it. I took the ondemand coarse about a year and a half ago work just really had me swamped not allowing for much time to dedicate to it. A member of another forum was nice enough to hook me up with an index but it was no good for me. after about the first 10 pages in the books things did not line up properly meaning if a topic on the index was in book 1 page 100 in my books it was on page 120 and not always the same amount of pages off. I think this is because the material is updated so frequently. So I sat down and dedicated a weekend to create my own. I would say this is the route to take anyway. It helps get you familiar wth where the material is in the books. In the long run I used my books maybe 8 times and just because I was second guessing myself on the answer. Also since I waited so long to take the exam the tested material changed some. I was pounded with questions I did not have study material for. Lesson learned for the next exam take it as soon as possible. I also lost about 20 minutes worth of time waiting for the question to change after hitting next and also had some issues with images loading. It would take it about a minute and a half for the image to fully paint. I finished the exam with 3 minutes to spare.icon_cheers.gif


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    What a coincidence. I was just thinking something similar to what you mentioned about things not lined up. I swear I just closed out of 45 seconds prior to coming on TechExams. I took the 504 training 2 years ago. I was looking through (SANS) forum posts and noticed someone talked about Metasploit on the exam. In my head I am like, what are they talking about? So since I was bored I crossed checked the SANS website and indeed Metasploit is now testable material. When I took the course 2 years ago we learned 0 about Metasploit. I guess the moral of the story is the training is updated I agree and back you up 100%. I read this and that about how often it's updated but I don't know how factual it is, but the material is updated at least every 2 years I guarantee that icon_lol.gif So to piggyback on some other individuals suggestions, using someone else's index "might possibly" be useless.

    Opps almost forgot Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif

    A finished race is a finished race in my book. It's a testing center that I've been to more than once that still had those computers that were the size of my grandmothers 13 inch television. Computers looking like they came from the Thrift Store running Windows 95 on a Black Friday Sale. The testing centers that have like three computers for test takers are the worst in my book. I've had experiences with latency during exam questions myself. I (now) try to pick testing centers that are newer/schools/training institutions. My worst luck has been taking exams with small, just trying to make a few bucks on top of my already business in the next room testing centers. Ok I am done acting like a baby.
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    Congratulations...SEC560 and GPEN are next on my list. I'll probably start in a couple weeks.
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    Thanks GirlyGirl and quogue66
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