Passed CISSP 1st time Aug-9-2016

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Hi all,
Actually im not an active member of this forum. I just visit here to see the feedback of passed guys about the materials for learning.
So i will write it short about my journey to get CISSP.

1. Base experience:
- 5-years network engineer, i graduated in 2011. I have quite a lot of Cisco certs: CCNA sec, CCNP RS, CCIP, CCNP SP, CCIE RS...
- Also work with network security and operation sercurity domain.

2. Learning materials:
- CISSP study guide - Eric Connrad: quite short about explaining the domains
- Sybex 7th offcial study guide: clearly and detail of explaination
=> Actually i think those books are complement to each other. Some topics Study guide does not mention or short exlaination, then Sybex explains detail about it, and vice versa. But there are terms and definitions mismatch between those books.
- Cybary videos: do not go deep in explaining the concept but give good overall idea about 8 domains.
- CCCure question: subscribed for 1 month and did all the questions (1800 Q)
- Study guide free test bank (500 Q) and Sybex test bank (1000 Q)

3. The exam
Because i have CCIE, which is 8-hours test, so CISSP 6-hours test is normal to me. Some notes about the exam:
- if you just learn and remember the questions in quiz engine -> you will fail for sure
- you must understand well all the terms and concepts to answer the questions.
- all questions are about the concepts, model and situations in general, not technical like how many bit is MD5 hash => i took time to remember all those tiny details and it was a waste of time i think (maybe because i am network engineer, Cisco certs require to remember all those details)


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