How would I sell server time?

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Hey folks weird question. I am considering hosting smart building software and selling access to it, by the hour, for training purposes. How do you think I could do this.

I thought maybe I could write some software that integrates with a Google calendar and then writes to the server via an API enabling the end-user to access the server for a certain amount of time?



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    So are you saying that if I wanted to learn win server xxxx or configure a cisco switch, play with Linux or whatever I could come to you place of business and use those devices/tools ?
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    It would have to be completely custom, because if you used Cisco Packet Tracer, MS Server or some other licensed product if Cisco or MS got a whiff of it they would sue the crap out of you.

    It would depend on what you wanted to sell. Your first step would create a software application that does what you are wanting it to do, then sure sell time on it using a Hosted solution. You could easily do RDP into a virtual server that has the application installed - any hosted solution (amazon, google, ect) could do this for you (again you still need the software).
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    I believe you could do this very easily. Just create an AWS account, create your virtual instances, servers etc, install the software that you need on it and you should be done. Then create some user accounts for your clients and give them access to those VM's. You can figure out how much time each client spend by the logs on AWS and create some scripts to calculate the charges from your AWS billing information. I think this would be the easiest way to do it and would only require that you learn how to setup AWS. Maybe some more experienced AWS guys here can provide more info but if i'm understanding the requirements correctly that method would be the easiest one.
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    I have a use case for something similar. I couldn't find anything in the AWS terms of service against things like subletting time on your AWS instances for a fee. I figure it possible because of the different vendors like LinuxAcademy doing precisely this, but maybe they have some kind of custom agreement.
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