Passed CWNA-106 exam

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Hi all,

After 3 months cultivated spent a lot a lot of time on CWNA exam, i finally passed it couple of days ago. If you have known well on CWST book and adding a little more deeper on this book CWNA you will be fine. Sources I used, official cwna book by David Colman, Survival book of 802.11ac by Matthew Gast, CWNP youtube channels by Tom Carpenter even else where regarding on wireless tech, google wireless research, and also practice on test, should at least some of spectrum analyzer, site survey, wireless management, etc. focus on keys of test asking reading at least twice because some of the question was very long definitely will confuse our mind; test was very dry but just follow your gust and knowledge you will be fine. Math on 3s/10s you should know what to do but do not fear much if you practice doing over and over you will get them comparing to ipv4/ipv6 it was much better a bit. I am now have to focus on reading CWSP or CWAP next but have to ask some question of CWNP site let's she which one should i have to go for first because of of folks that i have researched asking about they said did not matter which one is first just depends on what we have to feel which ways are easier to learn first then go for it, however, CWDP has to go by order after passing CWSP and CWAP. Alright, good lucks all.


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