Just trying to decode between N+ and Cisco

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I was just looking at the Network+ objectives just out of curiosity. I have been in IT since 1999. Started mostly with telecom stuff for a while. Currently working a role that involves Telecom/Network infrastructure work.
Anyway There are a couple of areas Im trying to decide on. One is Cloud which seems to be covered a little on Network+ there are a lot of AWS cloud job roles opening up in my area but it looks more like DevOps stuff. Just trying to see how the Networking skills can move into the Cloud world. What types of jobs? Data Center? Virtualized Networking?. Seems like Network+ woul be a good foundation whether it be Networking, Voice, Cloud. The reason I say this (and I could be wrong, just voicing my opinion). It covers a bit of everything. I can build on it. If I wanted to go Cloud or Voice it would be perfect. Again Im just thinking out loud I guess. Just seems like it would take me farther. Again I have nothing against Cisco actually I love it but I know down the line Cloud technology will be huge and a lot of hardware stuff may be going away or maybe limited rolls.


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    I would choose what you want to go into and go down that path. Net+ isn't going to go deep into any area and will not look impressive on a resume for someone who has been in IT for 17 years.

    Could always go after the CCNA Cloud certification... ;) But really, I would choose a certification for something specific you want to go after. Whether that be AWS certs, Azure certs, or CCNA Collaboration certs. I think Net+ as a cert someone gets who is looking to break into a networking role or just get an entry level IT position.
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    Yea thats so true. I have been more of a hands on get in and just do person. Its been going so fast for me in a lot of ways. I agree, I should get into a specialty area. I was looking at CCNA cloud and CCNA Collaboration. AWS certs seem to be something you add to a skill you already have like Sys Admin or maybe some type of Scripting/development roll. I could be wrong. Anyway thanks so much. Appreciate your help.
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    If you're new to networking, N+ is a great foundation. If you have networking experience (subnetting, routing and switching, protocols, etc) then a more vender specific certification would be ideal; Juniper, Cisco, CAP. I merely did my network + to get a good foundation on networking. Next is the vendor specific certs (in regards to networking).
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    I mostly agree with this, however it's never a bad idea to have more certifications on your resume, so taking the Net+ and getting the foundations and fundamentals of networking out of the way there first and then moving on to the CCNA would be a good idea as well. It could also make it slightly easier to take the CCNA cert when it comes time since you'll have some of the fundamentals already learned from Net+. I didn't take the CCNA but I did take all 4 semesters of the Cisco Networking Academy a few years ago an d then later on took the Net+. Of course, times have changed so what I'm saying now may not make as much sense. I do agree with Skyliinez92 though that CCNA will be much more valuable in the long run
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