That n10-006 though!!!

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First of all, greetings everyone. I am here for the same reason as most. I am studying my butt off for this exam!!! For the past 5 weeks, I have spent around 5 hrs a day, 8 hrs on weekends, studying. I have made around 1000 flash cards and have read the Mike Myers book almost 2x now. I have also watched the first 60 or so professor messer videos on YouTube. For some reason, I am having trouble retaining information during the first read through. So the 2nd is really helping. I also have the exam cram book but haven't read it yet. I also use exam compass for my brain teasers. I would like to know if this is good to do or not. Also, what are some cheap/free study materials?


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    One resource that I can recommend that is on the "cheap" side is Darril Gibson's N10-006 App. Lots of good questions and flashcards. I think that the acronym flashcards are worth the price of the app alone.
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    I agree, get Darrill Gibson's phone app. It helped me tremendously.
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    I had the same problem. Studied subnetting and then the next day I would forget it and I would have to start all over.

    Luckily subnetting isn't a major part.

    What I did with the ports is I printed them all out and walked around with the paper in my back pocket. Anytime I was in line, waiting for something, eating, I'd pull it out, and just study first 5, then first 10, then 20, back to first 5, then to first 10, then to 20, back to first 5. Then to 30, then back to first 5 and so on. I find little clues to help me. SSH is 22. Why? Because the SS looks like 22. TFTP is 69? Why? Because I can be immature and its almost "trivial" why someone would think making TFTP as port 69 wouldn't cause little laughs. 20-21. FTP 21 is the one who calls all the shots over 20. 20 is 21's slave. RDP? When you remote into people's boxes they think it's strange, just as in why they would label it port 3389.

    Some examples.

    For subnetting, I kept dreading going back to it, but I did it. I sat in from of my computer for an entire week, just watching videos over and over and over again. Writing out different methods. Memorizing binary, weights, masks. I even used packet tracer to build basic networks and test connectivity.

    For IP ranges, I did the same as ports. Didn't take near as long to memorize.

    I bought the Network + All-in-one book and just read that from front to back.
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    Thanks for all the input! I have been using professor Messer, Mike Myers all in one, and exam cram to study. For testing sims, I've been using exam compass, greenlight's Network+ Primer, crucial exams, and comptia training from quizworld. I might buy that 7.99 app you referenced. However, can someone give me good insight with exam compass?
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    The good thing about professor messer is he goes in order by objectives. Print the Objectives list and cross out what you mastered, and then highlight what you need to focus on. Do the math, and you'll be ready.
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